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Some news

Wow, it’s been more than a year since my last post here. Arthur, my boy, is now 1 year and a half old, has a lot of teeth and a particular interest in music and dance. I have not worked on Beworded for ages, mainly because I don’t plan to buy an Xbox anymore, and […]

Gamma Correction

As recently pointed out by John Hable of Naughty Dog here, gamma correction is an extremely important topic for graphics, but a topic that you never learn at school.

Beworded, impossible sub-game

Wazaaaaaaaaaaa ! I thought about a second gameplay option for Beworded, kind of a « réussite ». Your grid is filled once, and you try to remove all the letters of the grid by swapping letters to find words. Columns collapse horizontally towards the center. You have to be smart when removing a word, or else you […]

Beworded, some statistics and sample Grids !!!

My Grid algorithms are pretty much finished. I’ll share some word count statistics that I found while running my test functions.

Xna Game « Beworded » Started !

I’ve begun to code an XNA game, finally !! It is called, for the moment, « Beworded ». It’s like bejeweled, but with words.

Too many books for a life time.

Hi there, First, I’d like to apologize for my previous statement about Game Engine Architecture. There are a few UML diagrams after all. I have that bad habit of judging anything I read too soon. Sorry Jason, I love your book. Talking about books, I’ve been reading Programming Massively Parallel Processors: A Hands-on Approach for […]

A few words about myself

Now I’ll talk a bit about myself, so that whoever is reading this blog knows whose thoughts he’s reading. My name is Nicolas Fauvet, 28, living in France. I got married almost a year ago, and a baby is soon coming out oh his mother’s… hum… belly. The name is secret ! No hints ! […]

Too much love for books…

I was a little too much enthusiastic about Game Engine Architecture. I really enjoyed reading it cover to cover, but I’m a bit disappointed. It is a good book, but with the wrong title.

A few good books that need some love

Today, I want to start talking about good books I’ve read, and mostly about the two I’m currently reading. I’m a wannabe game programmer, and I’ve read a lot of books about game programming and 3d graphics, including the Game Programming Gems (7) series, the GPU Gems (3) series and the ShaderX (7) series (Wolfgang […]

Blog creation

Hi everyone, This is my first blog. I’ll be talking about 3d graphics and game programming. I’m not an expert, I don’t have that much practical experience in both domains, but a lot of theoretical knowledge. I read tons of books on 3d, gpu, graphics, game programming, and it is time to jump into dirt. […]