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Some news

Wow, it’s been more than a year since my last post here. Arthur, my boy, is now 1 year and a half old, has a lot of teeth and a particular interest in music and dance. I have not worked on Beworded for ages, mainly because I don’t plan to buy an Xbox anymore, and […]

A few words about myself

Now I’ll talk a bit about myself, so that whoever is reading this blog knows whose thoughts he’s reading. My name is Nicolas Fauvet, 28, living in France. I got married almost a year ago, and a baby is soon coming out oh his mother’s… hum… belly. The name is secret ! No hints ! […]

Blog creation

Hi everyone, This is my first blog. I’ll be talking about 3d graphics and game programming. I’m not an expert, I don’t have that much practical experience in both domains, but a lot of theoretical knowledge. I read tons of books on 3d, gpu, graphics, game programming, and it is time to jump into dirt. […]