Too much love for books…

I was a little too much enthusiastic about Game Engine Architecture. I really enjoyed reading it cover to cover, but I’m a bit disappointed. It is a good book, but with the wrong title. It discusses about game engine components for current games, but only from a far view. It actually never talks about the architecture itself (not any single UML diagram), more about what are all the components you must find in a serious game engine.

Moreover, it barely describes numerous rendering effects, but thoroughly talks about character animation (the guy has actually worked on animation). It has an uneven coverage of topics.

I learned things about character animation, really, and I was pleased to read through that broad overview of game engine components, but the book didn’t give me what I bought it for.

The other book, on the contrary, gave me exactly what I wanted from him: the engineering process(es).

That blog is gonna be filled with comments on books, I’ll be soon talking about the zillion books I have pre-ordered on amazon :)


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