A few good books that need some love

Today, I want to start talking about good books I’ve read, and mostly about the two I’m currently reading.

I’m a wannabe game programmer, and I’ve read a lot of books about game programming and 3d graphics, including the Game Programming Gems (7) series, the GPU Gems (3) series and the ShaderX (7) series (Wolfgang E., one of my heroes). These are just awesome, full of incredibly usefull techniques, and beautiful books to have in your personal library.
After having read all these, I knew (theoretically) a lot of game and graphics « gems », but I was still missing important knowledge bits to start engineering games. Architecture and Engineering processes for games !!!! I thought « there must be a book dealing with the subject !!! »
That’s when I found :

Man, these two books contain exactly what’s mentioned in their title, and moreover exactly what I was looking for for so many years.

The first one deals with the entire engineering process to build a game, from design, requirement specification document, use cases, activity diagrams, uml… the good ol’ IEEE engineer process, but this time applied to a game. Along with the book is an entire game with full source code for every step of the development, including all engineering documents. This book is extremely useful. I wanted to apply some engineer love to my game developments, but had never written any « real » software engineering document. That’s the definite best example.

The second book is another dream fulfilled. It describes all the common building blocks and patterns of good games for PC and consoles. « Architecture », THE word I was desperatly looking for in amazon. I’m reading it when I have time, I’ll talk a bit more about it when I’m finished. It’s written by a cool guy who worked on Uncharted 1 & 2 on PS3. Btw, thanks to that guy, I bought a PS3 ! I don’t regret it.

All these books where bought on amazon.fr, in the « english book » section. Great idea, thanks Amazon.

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