Beworded, some statistics and sample Grids !!!

My Grid algorithms are pretty much finished. I’ll share some word count statistics that I found while running my test functions.

I’m generating the initial Grid iteratively, as I described in the previous post. For a typical game grid(7×6):

  • I needed to iterate 10-48 times !!! (one English grid took 1873 iterations)
  • The algorithm removed 90-300 words during the process !!! (the English grid removed 32183 words)
  • That process is taking roughly 20ms.

Not really efficient, but its a one time computation at the initialization of the grid, who cares. After the init, we have a nice grid without any word directly formed (see at the end of the post).

Then, I coded a function to gather all the valid words found for every possible letter swap !

  • Approximately 2500 potential words for a (7×6) grid
  • Valid words out of these 2500 words: 8-60 !!!
  • Timing: 5 ms

A French Grid containing 36 words:

e q p e y i u
a n t o e m q
l t c i q g e
d t i q l q d
t d x q t d r
g j n a s i n

An English Grid containing 48 words:

h d t k h s e
x g h h m j l
i d n r i i g
y r y i q h w
l d y t y h u
n r t i h d c

I don’t have the solution, I didn’t output it to my console, but I could generate it on your request :)

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