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Wow, it’s been more than a year since my last post here.

Arthur, my boy, is now 1 year and a half old, has a lot of teeth and a particular interest in music and dance.

I have not worked on Beworded for ages, mainly because I don’t plan to buy an Xbox anymore, and I don’t like the limitations of XNA.
I have shifted my spare time programming efforts towards Android. And when I say Android, I ain’t talking about the Java side of it, but the C side of things. On that platform, I can exercise in writing optimized code, even simd assembler (NEON) on my current phone. And OpenGL ES 2.0 of course :)

The (usual) problem now is that I’m rewriting everything, and struggling to have some kind of STL linked. I think it won’t be a problem anymore in a few versions of the NDK (native dev kit for Android). STL is somehow bad, but some libraries I’m using need some sort of STL, and I don’t want to rewrite container classes for the moment (especially maps).

I’m developing a game, or at least I have an idea of game so politically unacceptable that I won’t even tell you what it is about. I’ll keep it for me and my friend with whom I imagined the principles back in our High School days. It is an exercise, that game will never see the app stores, but more will follow. What I can say is that it’s a top-down view of a city (like GTA 1 or 2?) with pedestrians. You need to make some kind of triage within the crowd to extract and eliminate an « bad » subset without hitting the « good » subset. The extraction is done via baits, specific to who you need to get out of the crowd.

The most difficult part is actually working on it, finding some time. I need to finish it, I need to build a portfolio if ever want to get a chance to jump into the game industry.

Wish me luck.

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  1. Raph wrote:

    Hi Droune!

    Do you have something coded already? I planned to code something on android, but didn’t know there was a native sdk.

    As for STL, feel free to ask me for the teapotware. I’m working (a bit) on the .net version of the lib, but the original one (C++) is still available. And as you know, we rewrited pretty much everything from the STL (linked list, strings…) So if it can be of any help, don’t hesitate.

    Good luck anyway, and I’m waiting to see first screens.

    Posted 11 oct 2011 at 11:08

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